Our Services


The kitchen, being one of the most important rooms of your home, deserves utmost care. The perfect kitchen is one that is pleasant, convivial and ergonomically designed. To achieve this, Ébénisterie Bianchi’s expert cabinetmakers offer you their outstanding services.

Thanks to their meticulous work, our professionals, who have a long-standing passion for wood, are able to create for you the kitchen of your dreams. Be it modular or unassembled kitchen cabinets, wine shelves or bar furniture, and whether for furniture repair or design, you can be sure that the results will be outstanding. Thanks to our experienced cabinetmakers and the carefully selected products we use, our services now set the industry’s highest standards.

Are you looking for a team specializing in cabinet-making to refurbish your kitchen? Or maybe you just moved and you’d like to treat yourselves to a high-quality kitchen. If you live in the Montreal region, we have the solution. Don’t wait – contact us! Ébénisterie Bianchi guarantees excellent results while meeting your needs and expectations.


Nothing beats hardwood furnishings to enhance your bathroom and create a warm, stylish effect. By choosing Ébénisterie Bianchi, you’ll be guaranteed exceptional, durable results.

Bathroom furnishings come in all shapes and sizes: modular or unassembled bathroom cabinets, medicine or storage cabinets, shelving, etc. Quality workmanship and time are essential to creating a high-end bathroom. That’s why all our cabinetmakers contribute their impressive cabinetmaking skills and knowledge to meet your expectations. Meticulous work, experience and attentiveness to clients: this is what defines our unique professional team. In addition, we choose promising products that will make your furniture last longer: humidity will be nothing but a bad memory!

Whether for repairs to the wood furniture in your bathroom or for your furniture design needs, contact us and we will meet with you to assess your expectations and needs. Get in touch with us soon! With Ébénisterie Bianchi, your bathroom will be spectacular.

Custom Made

Tired of hunting for hours in specialized stores looking for THE perfect piece of wood furniture? Ébénisterie Bianchi can simplify your life by offering its custom cabinetmaking service. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial or industrial entity, our cabinetmakers work to deliver the results that best suit you.

Our experience has made us aware of how hard it is to adapt wood furniture to all environments, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors. Today, our expertise allows us to design high-end products that truly meet your needs – store counters, restaurant or cafeteria tables, equipment and furnishings for day-care centres and preschools, and office furniture. We are active in all sectors and can create all types of commercial and institutional furnishings.

Companies implementing new workplace standards often require new installations. But this is no cause for panic – we can assist you by offering custom-made adjustable-height components suitable for disabled persons, for example. And we haven’t forgotten homeowners! How many times has your wife asked to have her own wardrobe? How often have you talked about having a bookshelf in your home office? And wouldn’t your child be proud to have their own custom wood furniture in their new bedroom?

Don’t wait any longer: contact us for quality, custom furniture-making service.